About Bec

Hey lovely, I’m Bec. A creative soul with a big heart who loves spending time with my family and fur babies. My family and friends mean the world to me and I would rather spend time with the special people in my life than do anything else.

I’m inspired by nature and love spending time admiring her beauty. You will find my work is touched by nature. It flows through my creations, in my artwork, photography and plays a big part in my mentoring work too.

I love road trips, exploring new places, and getting out to places less traveled. I love wide open spaces and feel overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of city life. The beach life is perfect for me.

As much as I love connecting with others I also enjoy my own time. I love silence, my Son thinks it’s weird. I work in complete silence only natures sounds. In my own time and space I feel grounded, connected and alive. This open space is where all my creations are born. It’s my meditation and a very sacred and special space where my mind is free, my heart feels light and my true essence self shines, embracing the playful joy of life and all that I am.


I’m a self-confessed coffee lover, dog hugger, dream chaser, nature lover, crystal collector, stationery addict, adventure seeker, lover of life, deep conversations and  like-minded sisters. You’ll always find me, boho dressed, barefoot on the beach,
wandering with camera in hand if I’m not working behind my computer. 

This is my story and what lead me to my soulful business…….

I’ve been blessed with a beautiful life, married to my soul mate for 24 years and Mum to two gorgeous souls.

I spent my early years living off the gird on 86 acres within the Adelaide Hills, whilst raising our children. We were living a very authentic, grounded life and instilling in our children the beauty of nature and organic living. I was in my element and we loved farm life.

Until I arrived at a place in my life where I found my children were all grown up, my husband was in and out of the family home, as he is a FIFO worker and I was in a job that no longer fulfilled me.

However my biggest catalyst for change was when I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease……

After being diagnosed with graves disease and suffering from endometriosis I knew I needed to change my lifestyle. Creating a life on my terms, creating more time to heal myself and do the things I love saw me go into remission within 6 months of my diagnosis of graves. It’s now been 5 years. I’m aware of the signs and know when I need to pull back and rest so I hope I never ever experience that again. Although it was the worst time in my life it was also one of my biggest teachers. I thought I was taking good care of myself back then, but so much has changed for the better since then and now I live a more holistic lifestyle, life in the slow lane and it’s the best change I ever made. We all go through tough times and I’m sure you can relate to this.

My Goals

I desired a life that allowed me to spend more time with my husband when he was home. One where we could take off last minute and go where ever the wind took us or some beautiful beach somewhere.

I’ve always felt that I was here to do more than work for someone else’s dream. It’s taken time and whole lot of work on myself to
make this my reality. To trust and believe in myself and my dream of creating a successful soul aligned business doing what I love and supporting other women with a similar dream and purpose.

I’m committed to my journey of self-love and self-worth, personal growth and development and a lifetime of learning. I’ve invested in various courses and coaches which supported my personal and spiritual growth. I entrusted in their knowledge to assist me in areas that were not my zone of genius. I continue to invest and get support where I need it. I love accountability!

With belief, determination and a bigger vision for myself and my life, investing in myself was without doubt a major driving force in assisting me in where I am in my life now. I know without the support of my coaches, I would not be where I am today. I developed clarity and confidence and could see my vision unfolding in front of me. Grateful to be creating from home or on the road and living a freedom based lifestyle living by the beach which allows time to embrace adventure, play and joy in all that life has to offer. Sharing my journey with other women, like you, lights me up it’s something I hope to always offer. I love mentoring women who are on a mission to start a soulful business of their own. 

Having my life shaken up with my illness was the catalyst for me to not take life for granted. It instilled in me to believe in myself and my dreams. It taught me that if you deeply desire something, you can make it happen,if you have faith and a belief in yourself that you deserve to live a life that makes you feel alive, doing what you love. Life is too precious and short for anything less.

So here I am today. Still on my wellness journey, feeling free and aligned in my art, life and business. Working as a intuitive artist, lifestyle photographer and mentor for creative women.