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Welcome beautiful. Here you will find out more about my art journey and projects. You can shop my Etsy store when it's stocked, message me on Instagram or find a list of stockists below to purchase my art. If you have any questions please fill out the inquiries form below. Thanks for wandering into my world I'm grateful to have you here. Big love, Bec x

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I create fine detailed art, but I also love playing with ink, watercolours, acrylics and pencils. My smudge wands and smudge sticks are created from bits and pieces collected locally.

My creations are an expression of me in that moment that. I am guided by my intuition, I feel free to surrender and let creativity flow through me. I’m a curious creative and I love to play and have fun. I find freedom in my art and create for pleasure sharing whatever comes through.

Most of my creations are one off pieces. You can contact me to have a commission piece created for you or a gift for a loved one. I do however print my art onto different things like cards, post cards and colouring books. I just released a couple of exciting new print projects & products that I can’t wait for you to see.  Follow me on Instagram to watch this journey unfold or join my monthly ‘Love Letters From Bec’. 

Where to purchase my products

You can find my greeting cards, smudge wands and smudge sticks at select gift shops around South Australia. I’m looking to expand interstate if you know any shops that might be interested please let me know. If you wish to stock my products please fill out the inquiry form below. 

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Made Of Stars

The Elliot Oak

Wholistic Heights

Brief On The Reef

Blue Lotus Bliss

The Moonta Collective

The Strath collective

Gypsy life

The Garden Cafe Seacliff

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I feel like this is the life I was born to live and I love expressing myself through my creativity. I also love to share this journey with others. 

Please let me know how I can best help you by filling out this inquiry form.

Big love,

Bec x

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Here you will find me daily, my creative projects, and all my offerings. As a multi-passionate creative, intuitive artist, lifestyle photographer, and mentor for creatives, I have plenty of magical things to share. I show up in this space daily sharing my life with my community. Please join us in this beautiful space. I love connecting with you and no question is ever too silly. If you feel called to message me please do it.