I help creative women feel good in their art, life and business.
Follow your Souls true calling.
Align your values with your choices.
Be your true authentic self, express yourself & share your gifts,
Create a Soul-led business, make an impact & whole heartedly live a lifestyle that feels aligned.

Welcome, please make yourself comfortable here.

Hi lovely, I’m so grateful you stopped by. I appreciate your time and energy. I’m Rebecca (but please call me Bec). I’m a multi-passionate manifesting generator. A creative entrepreneur  ~ Intuitive artist, Natural light lifestyle photographer, and Mentor for Creative women. 

I help women cultivate self-love, self-worth, and acceptance of their wholeness. Through my art workshops, empowering photo shoots, and 1:1 mentoring. We look at where you’re at and where you wish to be and what to put in place to get you there.

Together we build your toolbox. Business mentoring with me starts with you, then we build the foundations of your business in a way that feels aligned with your core values. Develop sustainable habits and systems to prevent burnout. We also work on strengthening your mindset for success. What does success look like for you?

Thank you for connecting with me here.

Big love, Bec x

How we can create and grow your soul-led creative business together

2023 brings a new pricing structure for my 1:1 mentoring work. I wish to support more of you at a price that feels right to me.

Together we weave magic with our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls. We all have something to offer. We are all artists and colouring outside of the lines is greatly encouraged here. We can all learn from each other and grow together. 


Come play with me … Feel supported, seen and heard, confident, courageous, and free in your art, life, and business. Become the true vibration of who you really are and shine your light to guide and help others while making an impact on the lives you touch. 

You are powerful beyond measure and you are the creator of your life. Let’s create your soul-aligned service. I am devoted to helping you move forward with your passion and purpose. I’m here to remind you of who you are. You have everything you need inside of you. I will not heal you, but I will hold a safe sacred space for you. I’m here to work alongside you. Let life touch you deeply.  I value my time and energy please be mindful of yours and this time and space together. This work begins by being present in the moment leaning into this work with intention and enjoying the journey.

If you haven’t already please book yourself a free connection call to get to know each other and see if we are a good energetic match to work together. There is no obligation to work with me by booking yourself a call.


The most important thing for me is to support you and share my 47 years of life experiences, business adventures, and all the knowledge I’ve gained along the way. 


1:1 Single Mentoring Calls are back!

What is included:
- 30 min pre-consultation + questionnaire
- 60, 90 or 120 min mentoring call depending on what you choose
- 1 x Mentoring call via Zoom (recorded so you can listen back at any time)
- action steps to implement after your call
- My time, energy, knowledge and lived life experiences - If you are local you are welcome to have this in person in my creative space


NEW ~ 1:1 VIP Mentoring Containers

What is included:
- 30 min pre-consultation questionnaire
- Welcome email with what you can expect with our time together
- Number of calls & length depends on the package we put together for you (Zoom calls are recorded so you can listen back at any time)
- action steps with each call My full support, energy, and accountability. Eyes on your business and what you create with feedback
- Voxer support Mon-Fri to discuss anything you need in between our calls
- If you are local you are welcome to have these in person in my creative space
- Payment plans are welcome for longer containers & we can discuss this on your free call.

Services beyond mentoring

I understand there is no one-size-fits-all in business and each clients time with me will vary. There are many different things we can and will cover. These sessions are led by you and based on where you are at and what you are working on. I incorporate a mixture of modalities in my sessions. We work with authenticity, intuition, energy, mindfulness, mindset, Yoga Nidra, art, Reiki,  Life/Business lived experience, Coaching/Mentoring skills.

I also offer personal branding photography sessions to help share your brand story visually, to connect your business to your soul mate clients online and through print material. Explore my full list of services below. 

What the journey of us working together could look like...

A whole lot of fun! Life is what you make it, fill it with all the things that nourish your soul …


Where our journey together begins ...

1. Book yourself a free 30min Heart 2 Heart Call to get clear on all your questions

2. Please answer the questionnaire in the booking form and email it back to me before our call

3. On the call you can ask me anything! I want you to feel confident, happy and empowered in your decision to work with me. If we are energetically a good fit and both happy with the call we can discuss which option would work best for you.


What makes working with me unique...

I work with your body, mind, heart and soul.  I hold space for you to make the decisions that feel good to you. There are no templates, rules or roadmaps to follow. We create your very own soul-led strategy.

I understand that there is no one-size-fits-all in business and each client’s mentoring journey will vary. Your sessions are tailored to your needs. You make the choices.

I work with authenticity, intuition, energy and alignment and use a holistic approach to my mentoring programs as I believe it’s all about creating a lifestyle and business that feels balanced in growth and feeling grounded. One you don’t need to escape from.

I hold space for you to be 100% honest and true with yourself, you can ask me anything, learn and grow with me. I will also support you 100% because your success and happiness are important to me. I hope to spark inspiration and the feeling of being alive and excited about life through the way that I work. I’ll hold you accountable, but it’s up to you to do the work. Together we create your tool box to support you in moving forward in creating your dream life and business. Together we nut out the best solutions for you.

After our time together

After working with me you will you have clarity on your direction, courage to do the things you’ve been wanting to do. 

Feel confident in showing up as the powerful creative business woman that you are. 

You’ll always have your toolkit to support you.  

Be committed to yourself, excited about your future and feel ease and flow in being organised. Feel aligned and have strong boundaries. 

Back yourself, be own your biggest cheerleader, and have no doubt in your magic. 

Know what action you need to take next to get to where you wish to be. 

Be unapologetically you and know it is your quirks, gifts and talents that make you stand out and also attract your soul mate clients. 

Build a supportive community all while having fun and more time to create.

Beautiful clients words below about working with me.

Please read below to see some of the feedback and testimonials my clients have sent me while working with me.



Sheryl — Brand • Logo • Design | Nevertheless.designs

I loved working with Bec to squash some of the limiting self-beliefs and doubts that I had which were stopping me from achieving some of my life and business goals. We went through ways to improve mindset, instagram reach and to engage with more soulful intention. Bec has a wealth of knowledge which she shared with enthusiasm during our weekly calls. She’s a very encouraging person, caring, and easy to chat to. If you’re a heart-aligned female biz owner looking for coaching, I highly recommend working with her.


Amanda — Calm Mama Space

Bec is fantastic! I worked with her on launching my business on instagram. She is very organised, professional and so down to earth. She held me accountable and was also my cheerleader. After working with her over four sessions I grew the confidence to plan, post and show up on stories. Learning about hashtags was so valuable. I highly recommend working with Bec! She will be your cheerleader and will help you get the results your looking to achieve.



karlee Imogen —Reiki Master Healer + Intuitive

Absolutely loved working with Bec for some new branding photographs! From our first initial chat she made sure she has a clear understanding for my brand and that we were both on the same page. The session itself went so smoothly, and Bec captured the images perfectly exactly what I visualised. 


Mel Hansen — Health + Life Coach

I loved working with Bec! I booked a 1 hour mini shoot to capture a few updated photos for my new website branding and absolutely loved the photos Bec captured. It was such a fun shoot to and exactly what I wanted. Bec is so easy to work with and I really look forward to working with her again soon.